August 12, 2020
It's like planning a wedding- so much work goes into it, so much organization and then in the blink of an eye it is a thing of the past.  Our candle lighting was, once again, beautiful and poignant, albeit with a few light-hearted moments, one being when I asked everyone to check under their chair seat for a card which would indicate they won a floral arrangement.  Imagine our surprise when everyone held up a card!  Mind you- none of them was the right card but if we needed instructions on how to fold the chairs, we were in luck!  As it was, no one was sitting in THE SEAT!
The rest of the program pretty much went off without a hitch and we enjoyed Sarah's beautiful voice, accompanied on the keyboard by Nick...meaningful readings and of course, hearing our loved one's names said aloud.  The glow of the candles was magical and the bagpiper was the icing on the cake.
We had an amazing raffle which was extremely successful, both in money raised and excitement by those who won really nice gift cards or baskets.  Our potluck was also a success, although how we ended up with enough food to feed 100 when we only had about 50 attendees, I have no idea!  A lovely cake decorated and donated by Servatti's Bakery was the highlight of dessert.
Many thanks to all involved in planning and assisting with the candle lighting:  Sylvia Paragin- our amazing craft guru and her team of workers:  Pammy Sanker, Marilyn McKnight, Diane Elliott, Carlida Hopper, Ray Rechenberg, Karen Pinsky; the Spring Grove family for hosting our events and meetings- Pam Ruffin, specifically; those who worked hard to gather raffle gifts- Michael Rapp, Diane Elliott, Marilyn McKnight, Karen PInsky, Sylvia Paragin;  Thanks to Ed VonBargen for getting the cake donated and thank you to all who came early to help set up and who stayed late to help clean up!  If I missed someone, please know my brain is fried and I apologize!
Below are some photos from our event.  Planning will soon be underway for next year's candle lighting (YES!) so let us know if you would like to be part of the planning!