May 08, 2021
As you all are aware, our current social distancing situation makes it ill advised and really impossible to hold our meetings in person.  This is hard news for us all to swallow but we are determined to make the best of it.  Along that line, we have decided to try online meetings via something called Zoom.
Each month I will send, via email, an invitation to the zoom meeting on our normal day/time.  If you are on a computer, all you need to do is click on the link identified as for computer.  It will take you directly to the meeting and if it is a ittle early, probably say you need to wait for the host (me) to enter and then you click on the link to be admitted.  It is a video/audio chat so if you do not want to be on video either click on the camera at the bottom of the meeting page or just cover your camera with a little piece of paper.  Make sure you are in a quiet place- if not possible you can just click on the microphone next to the camera and mute yourself.  Also- key piece of advice given to me by a friend whose friend relayed an unfortunate zoom meeting experience. Apparently a co-worker forgot to tell her spouse she was on video meeting and he walked by- naked.  Yep-- 
BTW- we will also conduct our 3rd Thursday dinners out via Zoom! 
I expect there to be some issues as there are always issues with the internet, but we will work through them and hopefully, soon, this will be something else we put behind us. 
Thanks for your understanding- your welfare is always #1 with us!