January 23, 2022

Welcome to the home of The Compassionate Friends (TCF)
Cincinnati North Chapter

 UPDATE:  Well- we made it through the nice weather and now we are  into the 40's so we will, once again, be conducting our meetings via.     Zoom.  A couple days ahead of the meeting you will, if you are in our  database, receive the Zoom invite.  If you are new to us, please email   at tcfofcincinnatinorth@gmail.com                                                         
We are so sorry for your loss, but grateful you found your way to our website. The death of a child causes great upheaval in a family and can leave parents, siblings and grandparents feeling very isolated. Attending peer support meetings offers you the opportunity to meet with others who have experienced a similar loss, perhaps gain some “survival tips” from them and discover you are not alone.

Meeting location: Spring Grove Funeral Home Tri-County (formerly known as Gwen Mooney Funeral Home, Tri-County)

11285 Princeton Pike (across from Oak Hill Cemetery)

Meeting day: 1st Tuesday of the month

Meeting time: Registration: 6:30-7pm |  Meeting: 7-9pm

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