November 30, 2022
The Compassionate Friends exists thanks to the generosity of many wonderful people who either have been helped by TCF during their difficult grief journey following the death of a child, or are friends, relatives, or business acquaintances seeking to support them. Without this generosity, The Compassionate Friends could not be here for those who today do not know they will need us tomorrow.
 Our sincere thanks goes out to all those who have so generously supported us in our mission
In Loving Memory of her son, Adam, Kathy Dodson made a generous donation. "He is in my heart!"
JULY 2019
In Loving Memory of their daughter, Amy, Lowell and Pammy Sanker made a generous donation. 
In Loving Memory of their son, Colin, Marilyn & Bill McKnight made a generous donation.  Marilyn also honors her son's memory by writing and sending special notes to our families on their loved one's birthday and death anniversary.  Many thanks, Marilyn! 
In Loving Memory of his son, Greg, Ed VonBargen donated the fee for the musicians who presented at our 2017 Candle Lighting.  He also created a musical interlude of Greg's favorite music, which was enjoyed by all.  In addition, Ed volunteers hours of time to TCF to honor his son's memory.
In Loving Memory of her son, Matthew, Sylvia Paragin created and donated a gift basket for our 2017 Candle Lighting Raffle.  Sylvia has also donated time, art supplies and talent to our group and we would not have such beautiful hand-outs without her creativity and generosity!
In Loving Memory of her daughter, Amy, Pammy Sanker donated hours of time and talent to the creation of our 2017 Candle Lighting Memorial hand-outs.  Additionally, she and Lowell made a cash donation in honor of their lovely daughter, Amy.
Much time and talent has been donated by several members of our chapter in memory of their children.  Our chapter could not survive without this help and for that, we are eternally grateful.
Karen Pinsky- Son, Eric     /     Jeanne Thornbury - Son, Brayden     /     Diane Elliott - Son, Brian    /
Marilyn McKnight - Son, Colin     /     Michael Rapp - Son, Ben  
Thank you to the following companies for their generous donations of food/gift cards for our 2017 Candle Lighting:  Pipkins Market, Downtown Girl, City Barbecue, Honey Baked Ham, Bagger Dave's, UDF, Dream Dinners, Servati's
In Loving Memory of Ben Rapp, a generous donation
was presented by his mom & dad, Michael & Andrea Rapp. 
In Loving Memory of Amy,  Emily & Kelly Sanker a love gift was
presented by Lowell, Pammy, Eric & Ben Sanker (dad, mom, brothers.)  
"Forever in our hearts and thoughts!" 
JULY 2017
In Loving Memory of Amy, Emily & Kelly Sanker - "Forever Loved" - a generous donation was made by their parents, Pammy & Lowell and brothers, Ben & Eric.
MAY 2017
In loving memory of Amy Sanker, a generous donation was made to TCF
by her parents, Pammy and Lowell Sanker.   
Thank you Compassionate Friends for the support.  Love you, my son, till I die.  With love from mom, Lina Anaissie, in memory of son, Jack. 
APRIL 2017
In loving memory of Amy Sanker, a generous donation was received.  
With love from Mom & Dad (Pammy & Lowell Sanker!)
Anonymous donation in memory of all our children. 
In memory of Jordan McFaull who graced us all with his empathy, compassion, indefatigable spirit and wit.  A generous donation was given, with love, by dad, mom and John.  (Rod McFaull, dad)
In Loving Memory of Chris Radcliff from his mom, Margaret Louise Radcliff,
a generous donation was received. 
In honor of all the children of the Cincinnati North chapter, a generous donation was received by Tony Lange of Cincy Beer Brats. 
JUNE 2016 
In loving memory of Jon Christopher Radcliff;  "Today I cried because Chris died alone.  It breaks my heart!  Thanks for all the hard work you do!"  with love from Margaret Radcliff, Jon's mom. 
In loving memory of Doug Alexander, with love from mom & dad!
In loving memory of Colin McKnight, with love from mom & dad! 
In loving memory of Christopher Radcliff in honor of his heavenly birthday!  
Donated with love from mom, Margaret L. Radcliff.
 In loving memory of Greg VonBargen and his friends, Kyle & Sarah.  With love from Ed VonBargen (Greg's dad!) A generous donation provided our wonderful music at the candle lighting, as well as the battery operated candles!
In loving memory of Benjamin Ethan Rapp - a generous donation of candle lighting
memorial supplies from his dad & mom.   
In loving memory of Eric Daniel Pinsky - donation of and creation of the butterfly mementoes handed out at the candle lighting - from mom & dad (dad didn't crochet!)
In loving memory of Matthew Paragin - donation of and creation of the mounting cards (and the work of mounting!) for the memorial butterflies handed out at the candle lighting, with love from mom (the creative one) and dad, the supportive one!
In loving memory of Amy Sanker - assistance with creation of the mounting cards for the memento butterflies for the candle lighting.  Together with Sylvia Paragin, the butterflies looked beautiful as they were mounted onto the cards.  Remembered with love by her mom & dad.
In loving memory of Matthew Paragin - friend of mom, Lois Henson created & donated 20 crocheted butterflies for the candle lighting. 
In loving memory of all our children $60.00 in anonymous donations were made
at the candle lighting memorial. 
In loving memory of Eric Daniel Pinsky from Donna & Richard Barasch, a generous cash donation was received.
  In loving memory of Alexandra Barrow, 1/91 - 2/15, from Mom & Dad!
Donation per Angela & Greg Barrow 
October 2015
In loving memory of Jon Christopher Radcliff, 1/72 - 7/155
"Yeah for Compassionate Friends and all the wisdom and compassion the three of you show to the attendees at the meetings.  Thank you!"  
From Jon Christopher's mom, Margaret Louise Radcliff 
MARCH 2015  
Thank you to John & Bridget Buchanan for their donation in memory of the mother of Ed VonBargen 
Special thanks to those whose efforts and donations made the dream of a 3rd Cincinnati TCF chapter, a reality:
Gwen Mooney Funeral Home for donation of a chapter "home" and financial assistance with regards to printing, snacks, special event hosting and attendee gifts. The entire staff has been compassionate and supportive. Special thanks to Skip Phelps for his many years of support.
Ed VonBargen (Greg,) Michael Rapp (Ben,) and Karen Pinsky (Eric) for their commitment to creating the Cincinnati North Chapter and all of their long hours and hard work.
Michael Rapp, dad to Ben, for donation of office supplies.
Ed VonBargen, dad to Greg, for his financial support of our candle lighting and start up costs for our new chapter. This donation was made via the foundation he has created in memory of Greg and his friends, Greg, Kyle, Sarah – Friends Forever Fund.
Mike Pinsky for volunteering to be the chapter treasurer and to Mike & Karen for donation of office supplies, printing.